Report: Usher Accuser Lied About Making Sex Tape With Him


Report: Usher Accuser Lied About Making Sex Tape With Him

That Usher sex tape doesn’t really exist.

Usher’s sex outrage adventure has been seething on for quite a while, with another turn coming yesterday as an unexpected admission from informer Quantasia Sharpton. The lady, who apparently did the deed with the artist in her inn room and, thus, as far as anyone knows copped his STD, uncovered that there was increasingly – way more – to see. In a telephone meet with Miss Jacob Kohinoor, Sharpton said that not exclusively did she influence a sex to tape of their lovemaking session, yet that Usher knew about the camera being on and was thoroughly cool with it. You can watch the clasp completely underneath

As stunning a disclosure as that might have been, the full story was broken by TMZ today, after Sharpton’s lawyer Lisa Bloom conceded that there was no sex tape. Blossom, who additionally happens to hold Blac Chyna as a customer, is calling the entire experience a “misconception,” which may be code for the way that she didn’t know about the meeting until the point when it began exploding on the web yesterday (September fifth). In any case, in spite of the fact that the sex tape may be a fabrication of an exceptionally clear creative energy, Ms. Blossom is as yet certain that surveillance camera film from the inn being referred to will demonstrate for the last time that her customer is completely coming clean. In any case, given this new lie Sharpton endeavored to go off as a fiery bit of the confound, she’ll have some genuine validity issues going ahead if this case ever goes to trial. Where Usher is concerned, his direction must be smiling from ear-to-ear.

This progressing outrage hasn’t halted the R&B star from getting once more into the studio and apparently backpedaling to nuts and bolts with regards to recovering the hit-production enchantment that he once pulled off effortlessly. Jermaine Dupri, Rico Love and Bryan-Michael Cox have all been seen in some studio session pictures that have advanced on the web. There’s no chance to get of knowing without a doubt as of now, however all signs point towards a more straightforward Usher sound that would be a return to his Confessions days.

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